Wybrani – polscy wizjonerzy poniżej 35. roku życia. Innovators Under 35 Poland

Autor: Aleksandra Orchowska
prof. Czesława Frejlich




Celebrating Polish talents

For the first time in Poland, Innovators Under 35 recognized the brightest young Polish talent. The young men and women presented their projects at Bitspiration Festival, one of the best tech&startup events in Europe. They inspired the audience with their awesome work that is impacting the lives of millions of people.

We welcome this top ten young men and women to the global community curated by MIT Technology Review that will lead the next generation of technological, social and economical breakthroughs!

Among the 10 winners, two received an additional recognition:
Olga Malinkiewicz was recognized as Innovator of the Year for his printing technology that produces cheap, flexible sheets of perovskite.
Michal Mikulski won a special mention as Social Innovator for his robot that performs rehabilitation therapy for muscular injuries and atrophy.

Innovators Under 35 Poland - This first edition was attended by 1000 guests during Bitspiration Festival in Warsaw.

The 10 Innovators were accompanied by some of the most prominent experts on technology, such as Kathleen Kennedy, President of MIT Technology Review, Alex Barrera, Chief WOWness at Press42, Co-founder & Editor at Tech.eu, and Sébastien Deletaille, CEO and founder at Real Impact Analytics and Innovator Under 35 Belgium.
Innovators Under 35 Poland


The European edition of Innovators Under 35 was launched in 2015 with the aim to strengthen this global community. In Europe, more than one hundred Innovators Under 35 from Spain, France, Germany and Italy are part of this global community. Belgium and Poland joined this year for the first time.

Next stop: Berlin, July 1st